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We are open for 50 weeks of the year, we will average your child's fees over a full year this will consist of 12 equal monthly invoices payable before the 1st of every month. Your invoice may include government funding if applicable (see below). Please note your invoice will not reflect the exact number of days or weeks in that particular month.

Holidays taken and sickness cannot be refunded.

We will be closed for 2 weeks of the year 1 week during Christmas,1 week in August and Bank Holidays. Normal fees apply on Bank Holidays that fall in a School Week when we are open. If you have any further queries regarding our fee structure, see Fee Structure page or please feel free to contact Mrs Williamson or Mr Fry our accountant at

Early Years Funding (universal)

The first term after your child is 3 years old, your child will be able to claim 570 hours of funding, across the 50 weeks that we are open, this is used towards the cost of your invoice and is called stretched funding. We offer a maximum of 3 hours funding per session or 6 hours funding in a full day. We are not able to offer more than 11.4 hours funding per week. Our fees are based on a sessional charge not hourly.

However, a charge will be applied to your invoice for the time outside of the funded hours, as well as our extensive "Forest School Program", breakfast and other extra additional services and consumables that we provide at Little Oaks Forest School.

We are registered with all the major Voucher Companies they will all have our details please give them our setting name and address and we will receive your payments automatically.

Please remember invoices are due at the beginning every month so you may need to make a BACS payment first as your vouchers may not arrive in time.

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