"Wisdom begins with wonder" – Socrates
Mrs Angela Clift

Proprietor of The Little School on the Green. Mrs Clift started her training by studying childcare and working in small Nursery Schools in the local area. Mrs Clift went on to gain a BA (Hons) Degree in Social Work and a Post Graduate Certificate in Childcare at Brunel University. After working 8 years in Children & Family Services, Mrs Clift started her own family and followed her dream of opening her own Nursery School.

Mrs Suzanne Walsh

Mrs Suzanne Walsh is our Nursery Manager, Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) and SENco. She holds a BA (Hons) in Early Years Education and Childcare and a Forest School Leader qualification. Mrs Walsh has over 25 years of experience in early years education having spent 12 years in a local primary school as a teaching assistant with reception children and years 1/2. Suzanne joined the Nonsuch Park Forest School team over 7 years ago starting as our Seekers Lead then she continued to Lead the Rangers team before taking on the responsibility of Nonsuch Park Forest School Manager, Suzanne now ensures the daily smooth running of the school. Suzanne has an interest in Speech and Language development in young children and supports children with Special Educational Needs. Suzanne has recently implemented the Curiosity Approach, after a year of determination and hard team efforts, Nonsuch Park Forest School is now a fully accredited Curiosity Approach setting.


Ms Hannah Kearsey is our Deputy Manager/SENco and lead for our Little Explorers group. Hannah has a Foundation Degree in Supporting Education and has many years of experience in childcare. Hannah is a qualified level 3 Forest School leader. Hannah has a passion for outdoor learning and loves exploring Nonsuch Park with her Little Explorers group. Hannah regularly organises events and activities that include parents, grandparents, and relatives from walk in the woods week to breakfast meet and greet mornings and Father’s Day events such as pizza making and den building days.

Ms Grace Witts

Ms Grace Witts is a qualified level 2 Educator who assists with leading our Little Explorers group. Grace has a passion for outdoor learning and is a qualified level 3 Forest School Leader. Grace has been caring for children for over 7 years and she is extremely sporty. Grace has taken on the role as our Forest School Director along with our annual Sports Day Director, this event is celebrated within Nonsuch park, which is always a great success.


Ms Denise Stagg is a qualified level 3 Educator who is currently leading our Little Seekers group. Denise has many years of Early Years of experience working with a variety of different age groups as well as spending time managing a local children's day nursery. Denise is passionate about outdoor learning and enjoys helping our younger children explore and develop their love of nature.

Mrs Jackie Jones

Mrs Jackie Jones is our nursery administrator she is our first point of contact with our admission process and funding. Jackie has many years of administration experiences and she is on hand to take any enquiries about your child starting Nonsuch Park Forest School.

Mrs Jane Clift

Mrs Jane Clift is our nursery assistant, Jane has an incredibly soft kind and caring nature and can often be seen comforting the younger children at sleep times. Jane is currently undertaking her Early Years studies. Jane is currently supporting our Rangers children within their daily sessions.

Miss Chloe Del Rio

Chloe has now completed her two-year apprenticeship with us, we are now pleased to announce Chloe is now a qualified level 3 Childcare Educator. Chloe is currently supporting our Rangers children. Chloe fully embraces all aspects of our Forest School ethos and is often seen climbing, balancing on the fallen trees whilst exploring minibeasts and puddles. Chloe is extremely popular with all the children; she is highly creative and will use an array of natural treasures with the children to make a range wonderful creations.

Ms Natasha Hollely

Ms Natasha is our Nursery Educator for our Rangers group. Natasha has a BA (Hons) in Education and has experience within a local primary school and as a nanny. Natasha is currently studying for a master’s degree in special educational needs. Natasha has a passion for outdoor learning and loves exploring the wonders that Nonsuch Park provides.

Elisabeth Magin

Elisabeth is currently supporting our Little Seekers children. Elisabeth has worked as an Early Years Educator and supported a variety of different ages since 2009 within Kingston, Richmond, and Twickenham. She holds a BA (Hons) in Early Years Teaching and Learning. Elisabeth has a passion for exploring our natural world which is the perfect complement for our Forest School. Elisabeth has a passion for nature, she has recently assisted to develop our new nursery allotment area. The children attend to the fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers which has provided endless multi-sensory experiences of which the children enjoy touching, smelling and tasting.


Francesca is currently supporting our Little Explorers children. Francesca has a BA (Hons) in Early Years outdoor education. Francesca previously worked at private school within Surrey for 2 years, prior to that, Francesca gained multiple Forest School experiences whilst working overseas. Francesca is passionate about delivering outdoor learning, this year Francesca will be undertaking her Forest School training. Francesca brings her knowledge of the outdoor environment to inspire endless invitations of learning to our younger children within our forest school ethos.

Miss Jordan Goldsmith

Miss Jordan Goldsmith is qualified level 2 Educator who is currently supporting our Rangers children. Jordan is continuing with her Early Years Education studies and Nonsuch Park Forest School will be supporting Jordan throughout this time. Jordan loves being outdoors, and Forest School is her ideal location in order to support the children’s learning and development. Jordan long term ambition is to become a child psychologist as Jordan has a real interest in children’s thinking.

Miss Grace Giles

Grace Giles is our Apprentice Nursery Educator who is currently supporting our younger Little Seekers children. Grace is really looking forward to helping the children develop their skills in a variety of ways while embracing our Forest School ethos. Grace is keen to observe the positive exploration of Forest School and the impact this has on the children learning and development. In her own time Grace enjoys spending time outdoors with her family.

Carmen Nieuwoudt

Carmen Nieuwoudt is our Apprentice Nursery Educator who is currently supporting our Little Explorers children. Carmen is looking forward to getting to know more about our Forest School ethos while supporting the children in their play, learning and development. Carmen is keen to get to know the Early Years Foundation Stage and how we support this within the children’s exploration of Forest School. In her downtime Carmen enjoys spending lots of time outdoors with her family and walking her two beagle dogs.