Forest School Testimonials


“I feel so lucky that Sam has amazing experiences with you his mental and physical wellbeing are benefiting no end”
“So happy to have found Nonsuch Park Forest School, its perfect for my son and make him a very happy little boy”
“always a lovely atmosphere, we love Forest School and really appreciate all the teams hard work in all weather conditions”
“All the Nonsuch Park Forest School staff are lovely, we feel very lucky to have them creating a home from home feeling”
“I think Nonsuch Park Forest School provides a truly unique and wonderful childcare setting for my little boy, I wouldn’t want to leave him anywhere else”
“just a gigantic Thank You to you all!
2Such an amazing Forest School, I will continue to recommend and wish you many years of success and happiness”
“Overall it has been a very positive experiences for us and for our daughter as she gets the benefit of being outdoors and involved in messy physical play that she wouldn’t get in other settings, plus she is learning outdoor skills and safety skills which are lifelong!”
“We are so happy with Forest School, Bella has developed so much since being there”.
“We are really grateful for everything and how much Ben loves the nursery school, all his learning about new things has been lovely to see!”
“We are so happy we chose Nonsuch Park Forest School for our daughter, she is so enjoying it and has learnt so much, we are grateful to you all for creating such a lovely little nursery school”
“Best pre-school experiences our child could have received. We are very happy to have got her to have this experience and feel sad for her to leave”
"We have found all of the staff to be wonderful and have really helped with Arthur’s development and learning”
“I am just so happy that Nonsuch Park Forest School was the start of my sons learning journey, I feel he had the best start”
“All the staff are warm, friendly and welcoming, the attention and support has been key for his development the staff team have all played a key role in making him our son feel confident and welcomed”
“Being outdoor in all weathers at this age is vital for my child’s social development along with understanding how to care for our natural world which are highly important to us, Nonsuch Park Forest School promotes this ethos through and through, thank you”
“you make a wonderful team and a very special place for children to be nurtured”
“thank you for looking after our son so well at pre-school, he has had a wonderful start to his education and had lots of love and laughter along the way”
“thank you for giving our daughter such a wonderful and happy experience you guys rock!”
“My son has been truly lucky to have been able to go to such an inspirational setting which provides such a fantastic choice of activities for the children, they are so lucky to be able to spend so much time outdoors whatever the weather!”
“My child has loved learning so many things in an outdoor setting and he has flourished socially”
“Nonsuch Park Forest School is a really lovely nursery and your enjoyment of what you do with the children really shines through”
“thank you for your hard work and commitment, my son has developed and learnt so much”
“my daughter has settled in so quickly and she loves her time with you all!”
“I will miss my walks to the woods with you and toasting marshmallows around the campfire!”
“thank you for helping our daughter to grow and develop”
My daughter would be a different child without Forest School”
“Nonsuch Park Forest School provides great experiences and lots of happy memories”
“my child has had the time of his life everyday he was with you, an amazing school with amazing people!”
“we are amazed of our daughter’s new confidence and speech, thank you for taking great care of her”